If you want to buy modafinil, then you will have to know some of the pro’s and con’s of the drug. One thing about the drug is that you will definitely need a good reason if you want a doctor to prescribe it. It’s a nootropic drug that physicians prefer to regulate. They do not monitor the prescriptions as much as prescription painkillers, but there is still a high probability that you will be asked a few questions regarding why you want the drug.


 Modafinil is often called a smart drug. While it can improve cognition in people with schizophrenia, unless you have a serious illness, the most likely side effect is a better ability to flip your circadian rhythm. That’s why pilots even doctors might get a prescription for the drug. It really makes you able to flip your nights with your days. And it is easy enough to flip them back using the drug. This doesn’t mean it will allow you to stay up all night and day. That’s not how the mechanism of the drug operates. Rather, you can simply stay up when need be at night provided that you sleep all day.

 Many off label uses of modafinil have emerged. For one, you will be able to get a prescription if you need an anti depressant and are bipolar. However, since this is off label, the chances are you will have to buy modafinil. You cannot just get it covered by insurance unless you have a high profile career related to night shifts. Perhaps people with any occupation requiring night shifts might be able to obtain it. However, not a lot of individuals actually know that there is a drug like this on the market. It seems to remain a hidden secret for high performance for the most part.

 If you want to buy modafinil, then make sure you have a realistic expectation of what it will achieve. Or rather, that you will be performing and the modafinil might simply help with helping you stay awake when you want to stay awake. It can be great for people who want to have productive days. However, you are not going to have more productive days on the drug. You will rather just be able to stay awake better for the duration of that day. There are a lot of people that have trouble being on for the day, so this drug might help to aid with this.

 Other side effects of modafinil can include weight loss because you might get less hungry. You might also go through an adjustment period taking the drug and this is completely normal. Your body will get used to it in a week or so.